Sacred Bodywork

As a massage practitioner my work is rooted in the belief that to care for the body is to care for the soul. We are beings of oneness with bodies that are interwoven with spirit and consciousness in every fiber and cell. Most of us have been conditioned to compartmentalize our lives and feel separate from our divinity. Holistic bodywork is a path to integrating body, mind and spirit.

I came to bodywork through meditation and over time I've come to understand that this is what makes my work unique. I offer deep presence with expert touch, creating a safe and sacred space for your body's natural healing to emerge.

I seek to listen with my heart and with my hands so that every person who comes to my table knows they are genuinely cared for and reminded that they are divine beings, connected and capable of experiencing wholeness.

Over the years I've had opportunities to study with some amazing teachers and specialize in a variety of modalities. Here's a list of my specializations. If you're interested in my work and want to book an appointment visit my business page at Lullaby Healing Arts.

Hawaiian Temple Style Lomi Lomi, a transformational massage that uses slow and fluid touch with rhythmic breath to mimic the ocean waves. This work is very gentle, but because of it's fluid nature is incredibly deep, like water, working it's way into the myofascial layers, promoting lymphatic drainage and treating the body as a whole, rather than separate limbs and parts. Many people report a sensation of buoyancy and upliftment that lasts for many days after a session.

Therapeutic Massage, an integrated massage drawing from Swedish, Deep Tissue, Craniosacral, Accupoint and Neuromuscular techniques. Focuses on easing specific conditions such as chronic back pain, muscle tension, headaches and minor injuries. *With some conditions it is advisable to seek care from your physician before receiving Therapeutic Massage.

Bonewashing, a form of Shamanic Bodywork that connects us with our Mother Earth through the ancestral lineage of our bones. The ancient Hawaiians and other indigenous peoples believed that the bones housed the spirit and the spirit enters and leaves through the joints. This work is based in deep presence, rhythmic breath and the transference of energy through hypnotic touch to bring about a deeply transformative and healing experience. This work has been described as feeling like being taken apart and put back together again.

Hot Stone Therapy, a deeply relaxing massage using hand selected carefully warmed river stones to ease tension and increase circulation in sore and overused muscles. Stones have a grounding quality that helps soothe anxiety by getting one in touch with the healing power of the earth element.