About Talina Madonna

I aspire with every song and breath to live from my heart and be uplifted by the Oneness; to inspire connection and honor the Great Mystery.

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I love to create. I've always been a multi passionate being. I'm drawn to the beauty of nature and inspired by the interconnectedness of life and the complexity of the human experience. I'm into all kinds of good music and good conversation, tribal dance, herb craft, nature photography, visual arts, kitchen witchery, interfaith spirituality, and natural healing. I long to live near the ocean.

As long as I can remember, I've been singing and writing songs, stories and poetry and devouring books. I received classical voice training throughout my childhood and grew up listening to classical music. Sacred music holds a special place in my heart. My earliest memories are of attending Catholic Mass and chanting the Rosary with my grandparents and singing hymns in church with my Mother. She taught me to place my hand on my abdomen and consciously breathe into my belly when I was very young. I have since studied with some amazing vocal teachers and have had the opportunity to sing with some really stellar ensembles.

In 1999, I started practicing Kriya Yoga Meditation and discovered Mantra and Sanskrit chant for the first time. I was instantly in love with these practices and seemed to have a knack for blissing out in prolonged periods of both sound and silence. For most of my adult life I've immersed myself in yogic philosophy, spiritual practices, holy books, and metaphysics. I've found my roots planted deep in earth reverence, spiritual healing and interfaith philosophy. It was the practice and teaching of meditation and mind-body healing that led me to becoming a Massage Therapist and Holistic Bodyworker.

Throughout the years I have developed my practice with the help and guidance of some incredible teachers and fellow aspirants and the love and support of family, community and deep friendships. I have found that deep healing and happiness comes through a consistent practice of presence. “Being with” is what I do and I love offering this experience to others; be it through song or silence, breath or touch, in hopes that many more people can learn how to truly be present, to listen to their unique inner voice and live their spiritual calling.